I AM a Healthy Community

“I preach a lot about opportunity and achieving success because I work with a lot of people who don’t believe that of themselves and don’t have any hope.” Said Shelton Kay, Vice-President and Community Relations of the Crusader Community Health Clinic. “A lot of people have been told they are a certain way and don’t believe they have the ability to move forward.”

Shelton Kay recognizes the need for awareness of what constitutes good health, especially among the less fortunate. Shelton notes that there is, unfortunately, a misconception that the emergency room is the best answer for people when they have health issues, but in reality, it’s not. “I spent so many years working in the HIV aids program, and that become a crucial component for me. For the folks I deal with, it’s truly a life or death situation. If you don’t get the medicine and attention you need, you can end up with tragic consequences.” Shelton Kay hopes that people will take the chance to build up people in the community, rather than jumping into stereotyping people because of where they are currently in life.