Sunday, March 29, 2015


ROCKFORD (WIFR) — There’s a new plan to revamp public housing in Rockford. This coming after city council shot down previous plans for the Fairgrounds Valley Housing Complex.

Rockford Housing Authority’s CEO Ron Clewer will address city council Monday night, outlining new options for the west side housing complex. Clewer says he’s been meeting with council members to address some of their concerns.

In January council voted down a partnership for a $30 million grant from the federal government. Clewer says he feels more members are now on board with the group’s plans for fairgrounds.

“Instead of saying it looks like this we’re saying it could look like this or it could look like this and chances are it may be somewhere in the middle after we have continued discussion with council and with our city staff. So we want to keep those options open because we want to be transparent and delivering on what the city wants and also keeping in mind what our residents want,” Clewer explained.

We’ll hear more about the plans for Fairgrounds Monday night during a special meeting at the RMAP Building.

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