Tuesday, March 31, 2015

13 News is digging deeper on a controversial subject in Rockford that right now has no solution — public housing.
When it comes to changing public housing, Rockford aldermen are asking questions.  They have been for months and Rockford Housing Authority is responding.  But, after all this time, many elected leaders say they still don’t understand.
“At this point, I don’t have enough information to go forward with any type of vote,” says 14th Ward Alderman Joe Chiarelli.
One of the Rockford Housing Authority’s biggest ideas– knocking down Fairgrounds Valley and breaking it up into three locations of mixed-income residents.
Those addresses aren’t finalized, only suggested.
“‘Where are these buildings going?’ ‘Well, we don’t know,’ Well, we can’t vote on anything like that,” says 1st Ward Alderman Tim Durkee, recounting his thoughts back in January, when RHA first asked City Council for help in getting federal funding to revamp public housing sites like Fairgrounds Valley.
RHA CEO Ron Clewer says, “Because there are so many moving parts, we don’t have all that answers on paper yet.”