Blog 2: Prevailing Over FEAR


F-False: false information, fabrication, artificial truths, incorrect evidence and misdirection. Falsehoods, an intentionally untrue statement, which does not correspond with the known or observable facts.

Fear often stems from false statements that misdirect and misinform. Inaccurate information that causes fear also leads to enthrallment.

The presence of falsehoods fogs intentions, creates perceptions and anxiety. Recent false statements regarding affordable housing have caused these same reactions in our community. In this video blog, we want to answer and correct these misinterpretations.

First, Who does RHA serve?

The resident population consists of 56 percent seniors and disabled, with 26 percent children. This leaves 18 percent of individuals; often single parents in need of assistance and a path out of poverty. No matter the age, demographic, race or gender, RHA residents are being equipped with the opportunity to build a new way of life. They are finding respect in not only how they perceive the world, but also in how the world perceives them. The question isn’t just who does RHA serve, but why. When any individual, including our residents, move their thoughts to perceptions, their beliefs become attitudes. A simple way to remember this is as follows:

Thoughts are perceptions that become beliefs, developing into attitudes.

For example, ReBuild is a voluntary, high-impact program offered by RHA to assist participants in setting and reaching short-term and long-term goals to become self-sufficient and successful. Participants work closely with a program coach and specialists who provide direct services and assistance, service coordination, support and case management through an 8-week workshop series and beyond. Leveraging the ReBuild program, RHA has a plethora of opportunities that include home ownership programs, senior services and family self-sufficiency programs.

To investigate ReBuild as a program for our residents, please follow this link.

With opportunities comes empowerment. As part of the mission of RHA, empowerment is outcome that grows an individual, defines a community and secures our children’s future. Because of fear, any falsehoods, no matter what sector of society they are quartered in, become dangerous in themselves. When inaccurate information is disseminated within a community and falsehoods become prevalent, the leadership must provide accurate information. RHA is a catalyst for change and advancement in our community.

No matter what city, community, or neighborhood one travels to, you will find zip codes that will have a connotation of fear and suspect associated with them. While this may define a geographic area in that community, it does not define the community or the individual that resides in that neighborhood. How do we make a change as a community? There is a simple formula that one can remember. When perceptions are cloaked in clouded facts formulated by attitudes that are influenced by fear, expectancies have the opportunity to become imminent. By eliminating fear, those expectancies can be dissuaded and disarmed. Together, a new beginning for our residents, our citizens and our community can be created.

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