Felicia Franklin

ReStart & ReThink Graduate

*Most Likely to Succeed Quickly*

Felicia was a unique participant in the ReBuild Program. She was able to land the opportunity to volunteer as an assistant for the program and worked very hard to ensure she was networking any chance she got. She currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Networking Communication Management and is actively seeking a career focused employment opportunity to get started doing what she loves to do! She was a tremendous help to the program and was able to continue to practice her skills during workshops while maintaining the Resident Resource & Training Studio laptops and printing capabilities. She hopes to continue to get involved in her community and will be successful no matter where her path leads her.

I AM Rockford
Advancing the future together

“I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday, or some previous day.”
Jack Joyce

The notion of community that is dynamic and diverse in every aspect: class, religion, age, gender, language, and ethnicity. The concept of I Am Rockford is a community living, breathing organism signified by the words ‘human being.’ There are several neighborhoods, each with some special attributes: ethnicity, religion, rich and poor. In addition, within a neighborhood, there may have a diverse population with individuals and groups occupying different physical space.

To understand some of the complexities, complications, and confusions within the life of just one member of a community is to gain insights into the collective community… So I am a physical body and an emotional and (or spiritual) being.

The two together make me I Am.

Being a person means that I have virtues and flaws, gifts and needs, possibilities and defeats. Being a person also means, that I am a social animal, needing connection, recognition and acceptance from others, while simultaneously knowing myself, as isolated and solitary, with many experiences which are never fully shareable with others. I am a kaleidoscope of feelings, thoughts, beliefs and desires with which only I am directly acquainted, and as a social role in the community, relating to other human beings. This means that I am a self plus a story. The situation is comparable to that of a book. Books have similar physical elements, like paper, binding, and ink. What makes them unique is the story that they contain. #‎IamRockford‬


ReBuild consists of two different components, ReStart and ReThink. Each week, participants able to compare to their Individual Work Plan & Goals developed during their intake and apply to their everyday lives. Participants not only met as a group throughout eight weeks, but have been meeting individually to continue to focus on their goals. All workshops were held in RHA’s new Resident Resource & Training Studio.

ReStart – Focuses on Personal Empowerment & Life Skills:

Programs include topics such as Self-Respect & Empowerment, Team Building, Stress & Wellness, and Boundaries & Relationships. Healthy personal boundaries, is necessary for maintaining a positive self-concept, or self-image. Life Skills & Soft Skills – is focused on housekeeping and organization, the importance of staying organized at home as well because that is where we hold all our important information such as birth certificates, medical records, social security cards, bills, etc.

ReThink – Workforce Readiness, Networking & Professional Development;

Programs include topics such as Time Management & Organization, Financial Readiness & Planning, Professional Networking & Development and Workforce Readiness & Education.– which all participants graduated the program with an understanding of Microsoft Word, Crafting resumes and are ready to seeking employment, cover letters, and thank you letters. All participants graduated with a clear understanding of the importance of follow up and follow through, seeking work online, logging jobs, networking and marketing themselves.