The city has been recognized by the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness for completing First Lady Michelle Obama’s Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness. Rockford is just one of 75 cities participating in the Zero: 2016 program.

“We started by personalizing it,” Mayor Morrissey said. “Every veteran has a name. Every person has a story. When we make their story part of our story and our life and our work, we’re able to get people housed, we’re able to manageactly mean that Rockford will never have a homeless veteran it means that a veteran should have a house within 30 days. For the city to remain at a “functional zero” of homeless veterans, Rockford may not have more than eight veterans awaiting housing.

“Rockford has defined itself as a vanguard community in a national movement to end homelessness, demonstrating that it’s possible to solve this complex problem,” said Beth Sandor, director of Zero: 2016. “We look forward to continuing to support them in sustaining these gains and working toward an end to chronic homelessness by the close of next year.”

Among the several agencies accredited with helping to put an end to veteran homelessness, the Rockford Housing Authority was one of them. If you would like to read a more complete article of the announcement you can do so at the RR Star.

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