The Rockford community will come together to listen to and share their stories relating to public housing. The event will take place at Fairgrounds Valley Community Center, on Thursday, June 16, from 5:30-7:30 pm.

Hosted by the National Public Housing Museum, in conjunction with the Rockford Housing Authority and Rockford Area Arts Council, it is the third iteration of an ongoing program, “Telling Stories, Telling Belongings.” It is part of an ongoing effort to use the power of personal narrative and storytelling to challenge perceptions about public housing. Inspired by the grassroots campaign by public housing residents to found the museum itself, it will serve as an inspiration to those in and outside public housing in Rockford.

Based on previous storytelling events in Chicago, it will operate in a relaxed, show and tell format. Storytellers from across public housing in Rockford will bring an object that is of special importance to them, and tell whatever story they have based around that object. Have a story? Great! Do you have a belonging to tell your story through? Awesome! Bring it! Share with us your story. Any community member with an object or story to tell is encouraged to attend, or anyone wanting to hear these moving and powerful stories.

“Stories change the narrative, and even the most mundane belongings serve tangibly to connect us to individual recollections. These objects remind us that our stories unfold in the shared places and spaces of everyday life,” Said Todd Palmer, the Associate Director and Curator of the National Public History Museum.

Fairgrounds Valley Community Center is located in one of Rockford Housing Authorities largest public housing communities, Fairground Valley Apartments, at 1015 W. Jefferson Street.

Free to the public, the community is welcome. Refreshments will be served. Any interested story tellers or audience members may register today at:

More information on the National Public Housing Museum can be found on their website: