The Jane Addams Peace Award goes to an individual or agency who strives to live in the legacy of Jane Addams; exhibiting a passionate commitment to developing and restoring peace and advocating for the oppressed.

The Center for Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation was founded on the belief that through active Nonviolence education and Conflict Transformation skills, peace could be achieved. The Center provides peace building educational programs, evaluation, action research, community outreach, and leadership development projects that foster mutual understanding among people. The Center is lead by a visionary who in the last year convinced community leaders that a left over FEMA trailer could be converted into a mobile computer lab and music studio, a peaceful haven for kids to come to and learn and have fun after school. This visionary convinced a host of volunteers to operate the center on a daily basis, serving children from Fairgrounds Valley, Blackhawk Courts and children in other underserved neighborhoods throughout Rockford.

This year’s winner joins such compassionate winners as: 2014’s – Jim and Pam Keeling and  2015’s – Rev Edward Copeland,

The 2016 Jane Addams Peace Award goes to Samuel K. Sarpiya