The George Poole Award for Resident Advancement goes to an individual who exhibits an undying passion for, advocacy of and interest in the advancement of RHA residents. 2015 was the first year for this award however, the recipient’s family was unable to attend last year’s event.  The award is being presented to the family of George Poole for which the award is named.  While George is no longer with us, it is only fitting that we honor his legacy and more than decade long Home Board service. It has been said that George was a kind and caring man that had many beliefs and amongst them was a service before self commitment. We thank George’s family for sharing him with us and hope this award shows how much we appreciate George’s service. Thank you to Mrs. Poole for attending our event.

With the same commitment exhibited by Mr. Poole This year’s winner placed service above self and helped to organize and stabilize the RHA Resident Councils.  The 2016 George Poole Award for Resident Advancement goes to Aisha Little. Aisha was not with us at the Community Celebration, as she has graduated out of our public housing program and has moved to Chicago to be closer to family. Aisha has served as the Home Board president and over the past few years has helped to stabilize property resident councils and provide clear leadership to council members. We will make sure Aisha receives this award.