A small milestone as well as some deep engaging moments took place on a warm sunny afternoon in the Rockford community on September 16, 2017. All “Recipes for Success” have one ingredient in common—love, and that was indeed evident at the Neighborhood Block Party which was held at The Grove at Keith Creek.

Family, friends, food and fun comprised the afternoon festivities. Some fun activities that engaged the children were watching a talented artist make a colorful balloons come to life as little dogs, swords and magical giraffes, face painting, a sidewalk chalk art contest and basketball. The Face painting was a hit and the kids’ soon became super heroes, princess, fairies, tigers and cats.

With several years in the making The Grove at Keith Creek has been an incredible ride. Through the ups and downs, perseverance prevailed and the fruits of labor provided by many hands came together in prayer and celebration of a journey. We wanted to say a very special “Thank You” to Julie Neibarger and all the staff of The Grove at Keith Creek for the attention you pay to the details of each opportunity. This was very clear to see and the Neighborhood Block party is certainly no exception!



Support, empathy, and unwavering belief that this quality affordable housing could and would do great things, has been a beacon of hope that the Rockford Housing Authority, Bridge Rockford and Gorman & Company constantly strived for. We are pleased that obstacles were overcome and to see this opportunity for residents come to fruition in the Rockford community.

We are honored and humbled and we promise that in the decades ahead, Gorman & Company will persist to deliver the best services for the residents and continue to be diligent good neighbors in the South New Towne neighborhood.

We believe in making our staff transparent and accessible. We believe in delivering remarkable housing that folks can afford. We believe that all of this can be done not just without consternation, but with real generosity of spirit and action. We would like close with a very special “Thank you,” to all our neighbors for not only for being there, but for giving this special day your warmth, friendliness  and caring.

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