Aging Structures Receive HUD Approval for Demolition

The ROCKFORD HOUSING AUTHORITY has received approval from HUD for the demolition of two aging structures in our community. Brewington Oaks Apartments is centrally located with two towers near Rockford’s downtown area. The units are owned and operated by the Rockford Housing Authority.

“Brewington Oaks provides affordable housing for the elderly and disabled, with the capacity of 418 apartment households. This step forward will help our residents in remaining self-supporting members of our community,” states, Laura Snyder, RHA CEO. Brewington Oaks contains one, two and three Bedroom apartments from 712 SF to 1,284 SF.

The Rockford Housing Authority had submitted the application to demolish the apartments on Rockford’s southeast side in November of 2017. Now with the approval of the successful Section 18 Application, the RHA Team will be able to apply for tenant protection vouchers, allowing the transition of the Low Income Housing Program (LIHP) to Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV).

“We feel this is really a positive and exciting step in the development of affordable housing for our community. The demolition of these aging structures is a superb example illustrating how RHA has fostered re-development in the Greater Rockford Area,” stated Laura Snyder, RHA, CEO.

Every individual or family will be relocated as part of this “De Minimis Demolition” which is part of the HUD disposition policy, called Section 18. Approximately ninety of the 418 units at Brewington Oaks are uninhabitable, and the twin apartment towers have a 42% percent occupancy rate. RHA has determined the units are beyond cost effective repair.

The Rockford Housing Authority may now commence the demolition action after receiving a written acceptance from HUD. A variety of factors were considered, including age of the buildings and roofs, occupancy rates of each and the significant cost of restoration and renovation of the aging towers.

RHA staff has hosted several meetings as a group and individually with the individuals and families who would be affected by the proposed demolition plan. The Rockford Housing Authority will look to turn the area into green space for the community. These changes will provide additional visual and thematic connectivity to the Rock River which is adjacent to the property.