Acting on a Daily Basis with Our Core Values

Rockford Housing Authority has been working for the community for over 67 years. We have gotten to know and experience the community and its needs. Through this we have devised ten attributes to govern our business by – we call these our Core Values. These Core Values, which are fundamental to us, is the cornerstone of the Rockford Housing Authority. We put them at the forefront of every plan, event and project we do because we care about our employees, our residents, our strategic partners, and the greater Rockford community.

One Brief Story of Caring & Resourcefulness

A disabled resident who is also deaf lives at Brewington Oaks here in our community. She had some issues and real challenges with her furniture in her apartment. Learning of this, The RHA Resident Service Team reached out to some of our strategic community partners for assistance.  Goodwill was able to donate a chair, however, when one of the team members picked it up, (as you can see in the photo) it was hanging out the back of the vehicle and they were unable to transport it. A Rockford Citizen who happened by (who did not want to be named), said that ‘he would take the chair anywhere needed in his pickup truck’.

Marcus Hill the RHA Resident Services Manager reached out to Choice Furniture in Rockford, another community partner in regards to the furniture situation, the owner Fadi Sahouri didn’t hesitate for a moment in helping out with donating the bedspring. We are thankful to have a community partner like Choice Furniture! Thank you for always being there. Unfortunately, many quiet little stories like this are often not heard. Daily, throughout our community, the RHA Team in conjunction with a multitude of our community partners are quietly helping and caring for some of our most challenged constituents in the community.

Here at the Rockford Housing Authority, we have always prided ourselves on our resourcefulness and caring, but especially in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of our residents, RHA’s effort to remain resourceful, in each of our efforts, is not for vanity or recognition. We strive to be innovative in our approach in order to find unique and effective ways to better the lives of our residents and the future of the Rockford community. Caring, as part of the RHA corporate culture, is a practice for creating conditions that bring out the best in people and situations. It is a method that helps people respond to circumstances in ways that create what is possible.

Whether the “caring team” is a work team or an extended family, a board of directors or a brand new community project, understanding and caring for people is part of the RHA Core Values. Caring is the foundation for building a supportive, effective and a joyful team.

RHA not only models our work through caring but have shown it by actions in the community. RHA not only cares about providing safe and affordable homes, we care about building a safe and sustainable community. We believe that RHA housing is not simply about providing a place of residency, but about providing a place that facilitates the success of residents and adds value to the Rockford community.