“One person can change the world.” 

-Rosa Parks, 

The First Lady of Civil Rights


Your Vote is the most rudimentary action in a democratic society. It’s time to make your voice heard with your vote. Not long ago in our country women had no voice and thus no right to vote. It is important on November 6th for you to take this opportunity to define the direction of this country. So, why vote? You vote because voting it is a fundamental process and right of yours to decide who best represents you and your family.

A government that is elected by its citizens effects every aspect of our lives from schools, to health care, to our roadways, to the use of our taxes. Voting preserves our system of democracy and the leadership working on our behalf.

Through the election process, you have the ability to decide on what is important to you in this country and our community.


“Voting is an important right in our society and our community… You have a right to let your voice be heard, remember

to VOTE November 6th.”

Rockford Housing Authority

“Ensuring the voices of those we serve are heard in the democratic process.”