Today, The Rockford Housing Authority Board and staff members are completing the 2nd and last day of training for the HUD ‘Lead The Way Training.’  This preparation is an online self-paced interactive training to help the Public Housing Agency (PHA) boards and staff fulfill their responsibilities in providing effective governance and oversight for our community.

Through engaging video vignettes, audio case studies, interactive worksheets, and online quizzes reinforce the roles that Commissioner Jaime Sanchez and Commissioner Ken Oliver engage in for the organization. Director of Housings Operations Owen Carter and Director of Human Services Odessa Walker through ‘Lead the Way’ are helping enhance the skills in six key aspects of Authority’s governance and financial management.


These include such areas as Asset Management, the Housing Choice Voucher Program, and Organizational Budgets. Ethics, Integrities, and Assessment are covered during the two-day session as well.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Classes are being guided and held by RHA, Executive Assistant Angel Mackey. CEO Laura Snyder was able to stop by to say good morning to the class and to join the RHA Board and Staff for breakfast before heading to her morning meetings.



About the Value of Small Group Interaction

This online format is a group-based interactive training. The small group interaction provides a dynamic way to help RHA staff and leadership learn and retain information through this Technology-Based Learning. Some of the learning outcomes upon completion of the training are new knowledge, skills, and values.