Today, The Rockford Housing Authority has been notified that HUD has awarded Tenant Protection Vouchers (TPVs) for replacement housing for those currently living within Brewington Oaks, who choose this option for housing, with additional vouchers that RHA qualified for over the past two years with occupancy levels. The additional vouchers will convert into the organizations HCV department allowing the HCV program to immediately expand. With this, additional vouchers will be available in the community. RHA will be looking to recruit Landlords to assist with housing needs. Laura Snyder, CEO of the Rockford Housing Authority states, “Tenant protection vouchers benefit the owner of the property by helping preserve occupancy stability during the transition from one financing mechanism to another. The resulting rent security helps create and preserve a reliable income stream. This is one of the many benefits of the Tenant Protection Voucher Benefits (TPVs) for landlords and the community as a whole.”

As in the case for RHA residents in Brewington Oakes, these Tenant Protection Vouchers (TPVs) ensure subsidy for the tenant when they relocate, the assistance moves with that household to another suitable location of choice. “The TPV designation was designed to protect the resident and to ensure there is no displacement of lower‐income residents at Brewington,” adds Ms. Snyder.
“Brewington Oaks is an elderly/disabled development with the capacity of 418 apartment households, every individual or family will be relocated as part of this “De Minimis Demolition” which is part of the HUD disposition policy,” continues Laura Snyder. With the final approval of the successful Section 18 Application, the RHA Team can allow the transition of the Low-Income Housing Program (LIHP) to Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) for those within Brewington choosing TPV assistance.

The Important Role Of Rockford Housing Authority For Our Community
Tenant Protection Vouchers (TPVs) are meant to ensure there is no displacement of low‐income residents as a result of various actions resulting in a loss of subsidy assistance. Housing Choice Vouchers, including all forms of TPVs, are administered locally by Public Housing Agencies and the Rockford Housing Authority is one of these Administrators. Tenant protection vouchers (TPVs) are provided for low-income households, who may have to pay more than 30% of their adjusted income for rent if they are living in certain HUD-assisted multifamily housing in a low-vacancy area. The Rockford Housing Authority receives federal funds from HUD to administer the voucher program. Rental units must meet HUD’s Housing Quality Standard, as determined by the RHA. Each Public Housing Authority sets a maximum voucher rent (the payment standard), generally between 90% and 110% of HUD’s Section 8 Fair Market Rent index.

About the Rockford Housing Authority
The Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) is a municipal corporation established under Chapter 67 1/2 of the Illinois statutes. It is governed by a Board of Commissioners. The Rockford Housing Authority has historically served the housing needs of persons whose income is low and very low in the City of Rockford through HUD-funded public and Section 8 housing. RHA has provided “decent, safe, and sanitary” low-income public housing to Rockford’s citizens for decades.

Bridge Rockford Alliance, Inc. (BRaI), 501(C)(3) HUD recognized instrumentality of RHA, was established by resolution of the RHA Board of Commissioners on March 9, 2011. BRAI extends the services and opportunities of a public housing agency. Instrumentalities allow the housing authority to operate more as private organizations and expand opportunities for residents of affordable housing, housing developments, and the related supporting activities, i.e. health and human services. This broader reach provides BRAI the authority to seek out and enter into new business relationships as a means to support its mission. The Rockford Housing Authority, alongside Bridge Rockford Alliance, is in the transition from a provider of decent safe and sanitary housing, to the leading provider of housing that meets a higher community vision.