Together We Can, Together We Will

14 Mar

Together We Can, Together We Will

“The Rockford Housing Authority believes in a collaborative strategy for this bed bug problem. This Reflects a broad-based consensus of our community partners and stakeholders to provide ‘the Highest Best Good’ for all residents in our community,” states, Laura Snyder, CEO. This method was adopted from the Federal Bed Bug Workgroup ‘to clarify the federal role in Bed Bug control and highlight ways that all levels of government, community, academia and private industry can work together to reduce Bed Bugs across the United States.’

RHA’s strategy hit these priorities for Bed bug control: Prevention, Surveillance and Integrated Pest Management [IPM], Resident Education, RHA Team Research and Community Communication. RHA will be measuring the results of actions taken to control the Bed Bugs in our community.

We can also as a community not shame others when something like this happens. We need to remember that Bed Bugs do not discriminate on what they infest, and as a community we can all help each other instead of putting each other down.

As we are all aware, overcoming obstacles and adversity can be most difficult. While an obstacle is defined “as something that obstructs or hinders progress and come in many forms, this silent invader is an adversity that can be overcome both in our public spaces and in our homes.”

Owen Carter, RHA Director of Housing Operations, reflects “We believe that this is the best strategy that will most appropriately deal with the situation our community is facing today.” A very wise person once said when facing this level of adversity that, “I am not what I have done; I am what I have overcome.” The Rockford Leadership Team is of like belief, that truly together we can, together we will.


Learn more about The Silent Invasion of Epidemic Proportions posed by Bed Bugs, and the actions taken by the Rockford Housing Authority to combat them, on our Blog. For the safety and comfort of all residents living in Rockford Housing Authority Units who suspect they may have bed bugs, please view the complete Rockford Housing Authority Bed Bug Policy and Bed Bug Heat Treatment Guide.