1. What is the Resident Self Sufficiency (RSS) Program?

Take control of your future with the Resident Self Sufficiency program. RSS is all about exploring services that will help residents, not only the adults but the children and senior citizens as well. When you begin working with a Resident Services Program staff person, you will have an ally to help you navigate the path of education, senior living options, and employment. Your staff person will help you to identify your skills, abilities and interests and they will continue to help you as you make decisions and move forward. If you need services from other organizations, they will help connect to those resources.

  1. Who’s is eligible to participate in RSS?

All current RHA families are eligible to participate. The head of the household and/or family members 18 or older are eligible.

  1. What types of services will be provided in conjunction with RSS?
  • emergency assistance (food, utilities, rent)
  • connections to education (completing high school, getting a GED, entering college)
  • connections to employers looking for workers
  • access to jobs related to Rockford Housing Authority construction, through our “Section 3” program
  • career counseling and job training
  • assistance with self-employment
  • budgeting and financial planning
  • legal services
  • parenting skills
  • home-buyer education
  1. What are the benefits of the RSS program?

The program provides: Non-Clinical Case management through dialogue, addressing changes in lifestyles, including family conflict, stress, caregiving issues, transportation, paperwork questions, benefits program navigation, financial problems, the problem of memory loss, depression, nursing homes, boarding home placement, long term care or abuse and neglect, and other areas that affect individuals and their families.

Needs assessment

To help the individual and their family members identify problems and develop plans to resolve.

Referral services to all residents within assigned sites include securing the full range of social services as needed by individual residents. The referral services assist residents in connecting with the community by promoting communication, assisting with social and recreational opportunities, addressing concerns, and helping resolve conflicts

  1. How do I get involved?

If you reside at Park Terrace, Summit Green, Midvale, Buckbee, North Main Manor or Olesen Plaza Contact:

Ms. Eunice Green 815-489-8661 or 815-509-9573