The Rockford Housing Authority’s executive team continues to take proactive steps to ensure the safety of our employees, clients, and community. Today is no different, as we learned today, January 16th, RHA has become a victim of Covid-19. To protect the health of our staff, their families, and the community, effective immediately, all RHA offices will be closed to the public. Following the guidelines set forth from our local health experts and the CDC, as a precautionary measure, we will be contracting with a bio-hazard cleaning agency to sanitize all offices and our heating/air duct systems during our time of closure. Re-opening of the offices will be solely determined by our contractors’ response time to complete all preventative measures.

“We are committed to keeping our services up and running. The RHA Staff will continue to work together to ensure that our residents remain our focus and that we collaborate effectively while remaining safely at home,” states Laura Snyder, RHA CEO.

The RHA Maintenance Manager, Vince Tarara, will receive and respond to all emergency work orders from our residents. All of the RHA staff, have been equipped to work remotely for reasons such as this. Therefore, we should experience minimal, if any, interruptions to our day-to-day operations.

For the latest COVID-19 information, and Emergency Contact Information for RHA Residents follow this link: