Fairgrounds / Ellis Heights Planning

Planning Area Map

The Fairgrounds Valley focus area currently includes 210 apartments on 15.6 acres between School Street on the north, Jefferson Street on the South, Lee Street on the east and Underwood Street on the west.
The plan area is generally defined by School Street on the north, Preston Street in the south, Kilburn Avenue on the east and Johnston Avenue on the west.

Years of deferred investments and maintenance of residences and infrastructure have contributed to the decline of the Fairgrounds/Ellis Heights neighborhood in Rockford, Illinois. The concentration of households in poverty in the neighborhood exceeds 50 percent and the long-term vacancy rate is more than 20 percent. The Rockford Housing Authority and its Planning Coordinator, Camiros Ltd., in collaboration with the Choice Neighborhoods Task Force, will take concrete steps toward transforming the Fairgrounds/Ellis Heights community.

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