Neighborhood Plans

Camiros’ neighborhood plans identify the unique qualities of a place, as well as the needs and desires of its residents in order to synthesize a strategic vision, implementation tools, and direction for future projects. Our neighborhood plans interpret and refine the broader policies of a city’s comprehensive plan at the neighborhood scale, with particular attention to the day-to-day quality of life demands of each neighborhood we work in.

This quality of life approach, pioneered by Camiros (with the assistance of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation in Chicago), has come to form the foundation of a planning model advocated in communities throughout the country. Our neighborhood plans employ both physical and strategic  components in responding to each community’s specific issues, placing particular emphasis on concepts of neighborhood organization and design.

Interactive Neighborhood Mapping

Understanding where neighborhood residents live, work, shop, fear and love is the first step to effecting change!

Please take a moment to follow the map link (HERE) to add your comments and concerns. Your comments will assist in making this a true neighborhood plan – a plan by the neighborhood, for the neighborhood!

NOTE: Each little “pin” on the map to the right is color coded to represent positive and negative locations. Please visit the map to discover the pin color code and how you can add your input.