Coming Soon – RHA, Camiros and the Choice Task Force are in the process of updating the plan and progress

Plan Goals

Our Transformation Plan must translate the three goals of the Choice Neighborhoods Program – Housing, People and Neighborhoods – into a strategy for revitalization.

This strategy will direct investments, demonstrate the commitment among a range of public and private partners to
address interdependent neighborhood challenges, utilize data to set and monitor progress toward implementation goals, and engage community stakeholders and residents in meaningful decision-making roles.

Specific Goals

Housing – Transform distressed public and assisted housing into energy efficient, mixed-income housing that is physically and financially viable over the long-term.

People – Support positive outcomes for families who live in the target development(s) and the surrounding neighborhood, particularly outcomes related to resident’s health, safety, employment, mobility and education.

Neighborhoods – Transform Neighborhoods of poverty into viable, mixed-income neighborhoods with access to well- functioning services, high quality public schools and education programs, high quality early learning programs and services, public assets, public transportation, and improved access to jobs.

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