A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rockford Housing Authority Awarded $10 Million Grant to Enhance Residential Health and Safety


Contact:  Laura Snyder, CEO, Rockford Housing Authority 

Phone: 815-489-8570

Central Office: 223 S. Winnebago Street, Rockford, Illinois

Rockford Housing Authority Awarded $10 Million Grant to Enhance Residential Health and Safety

Rockford, [September 15, 2023] – The Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) is delighted to announce that we have secured a substantial $10 million grant to bolster residential health and safety within our community. This momentous achievement signifies a pivotal step in our ongoing commitment to delivering cleaner, safer living environments for our resident families, while also catalyzing local economic growth and employment opportunities.

Laura Snyder, CEO of RHA, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “This grant is a game-changer for our community. It empowers us to address pressing health and safety concerns in public housing, ensuring that our residents have homes where they can thrive.”

Administered under the Housing-Related Hazards (HRH) and Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Capital Funding program, this grant provides vital resources to public housing agencies (PHAs) like RHA. It equips us to evaluate and mitigate residential health hazards, including lead-based paint, carbon monoxide, mold, radon, fire safety, and asbestos – all of which directly impact the well-being of our residents.

HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge emphasized the importance of this funding effort, stating, “American families deserve a safe and healthy place to call home. However, in many older homes, lead-based paint can be a serious threat to the health and well-being of children.” With this grant, we can identify and address homes where occupants are at risk of lead exposure and other health hazards, reinforcing our promise of a healthier, stronger community.

Laura Snyder further emphasized, “We are dedicated to creating safe and healthy living environments. This grant aligns perfectly with our mission and enables us to protect families from hazards like lead exposure, fulfilling our promise of a healthier, stronger community.”

Moreover, this grant goes beyond improving living conditions; it infuses a significant $10 million into our local economy. This financial boost not only supports our Section III efforts for employment but also generates long-term job opportunities, thereby fueling economic growth within our region.

Laura Snyder expressed her gratitude to the RHA team, stating, “Our dedicated staff has played a pivotal role in securing this grant. Their unwavering commitment to our mission has made this achievement possible.”

The Rockford Housing Authority eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of this remarkable $10 million grant on Rockford. Together, the organization and the community are creating a substantial positive change in the lives of residents and the prosperity of the local area.



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About the Rockford Housing Authority

Our Mission

To continue to create strategic partnerships with community stakeholders, design a diverse housing portfolio, and leverage social service programming to unite and ensure residents are provided with safe and nurturing environments that lead to self-sufficiency, responsibility, and individual empowerment.

Our Vision

RHA provides pathways for people to enhance their quality of life through inclusive, affordable, and innovative housing initiatives while investing in the education, training, and personal development of our residents through strategic programming and partnerships while serving as a facilitator for neighborhood restoration by investing in our community and remaining committed to creating an atmosphere that promotes overall health, wellness, and economic growth, for a greater quality of life.

The Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) is a municipal corporation established under Chapter 67 1/2 of the Illinois statutes. It is governed by a Board of five (5) Commissioners. The Rockford Housing Authority has historically served the housing needs of persons whose income is low and very low in the City of Rockford through HUD funded public and Section 8 housing. The Agency was established in 1951, and has provided “decent, safe, and sanitary” low-income public housing to Rockford’s citizens for decades.

Bridge Rockford Alliance, Inc. (BRaI), 501(C)(3) HUD recognized instrumentality of RHA, was established by resolution of the RHA Board of Commissioners on March 9, 2011. BRAI extends the services and opportunities of a public housing agency. Instrumentalities allow the housing authority to operate more as private organizations and expand opportunities for residents of affordable housing, housing developments and the related supporting activities i.e. health and human services. This broader reach provides BRAI the authority to seek out and enter into new business relationships as a means to support its mission.

The Rockford Housing Authority, alongside Bridge Rockford Alliance, is in transition from a provider of decent safe and sanitary housing to the leading provider of housing that meets a higher community vision.