A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program

Welcome to the Peer-to-peer recognition program!

What is Peer-to-Peer?

This award recognizes the peer-to-peer nomination for the RHA team member that articulates how a nominee has gone outside of their job description to assist others, strengthen the Rockford Housing Authority agency, and promote our core values. The nomination that best highlights the overall intent of the Director’s Spotlight initiative will be recognized alongside the winner. As the winner of this award, all awardees will receive a cash prize and join the Directors Spotlight winner and the executive team for lunch.

The Director’s Spotlight awards nomination is submitted monthly by the RHA staff as a peer-to-peer observation and opinion.

Why is Peer-to-Peer important?

The Rockford Housing Authority Leadership Team believes in the genuine values of our organization. These values touch everything we do on a daily work basis. They consist of Ten Core Values, which are fundamental to us. They are the cornerstone of the Rockford Housing Authority. We put them at the forefront of every plan, event, and project we do because we care about our employees, our residents, our strategic partners, and the greater Rockford community. Recognizing not only our Directors Spotlight winners but also the team member that took time to nominate their hard work, shows that they are valuable team members. 


Ms. Sheila Suggs gratitude for coworkers is demonstrated in her detailed nomination of September’s Director Spotlight winner, Ms. Leanna Clark. Sheila is always speaking up in team meetings, acknowledging the work of her fellow team members. 




Her positive attitude is genuine and contributes to the agency’s
strength. We are excited to have Sheila on the RHA Team!


Offering sincere compliments is a great way to show people kindness and support both in and out of the workplace and helps with the success of the agency. The Peer-to-Peer initiative was created specifically for that purpose in mind. The program is a way to recognize individual staff who demonstrate and live the RHA Core Values on a daily basis in the workplace.

Mr. Brian Dugan a Property Manager for RHA, understands the importance to make a conscious effort to praise his coworkers for their continued efforts and accomplishments. Peer and property Brian Dugan recently stated, “Over the years of experience, Jeff Jaworowski has gained a lot of knowledge and skill which provides a ‘Sage-like’ advisor to the Management Team and a guidebook for the newer members of the Maintenance teams. In his nomination for the Peer-to-Peer tribute, Brian recognized that throughout the years, Jeff has been an integral part of our maintenance team and is currently assigned to our Park Terrace and Low Rise developments as the maintenance aide.

Thank you for taking the time to write the winning nomination for Mr. Jeff Jaworowski.


Ms. Rosalind Gulley’s nomination for July 2022, Director’s Spotlight, is an example of true leadership. She took the time to recognize the outstanding work being done by Ms. Courtney. Rosalind makes sure she brings encouragement & a smile to everyone, which always boosts our spirits, especially when it’s needed the most. Her positive attitude & recognition of team members significantly impact the agency. Having Ms. Roz on the team makes all the difference! 

Ms. Rosalind Gulley states, “Courtney could not believe her assigned workload when she first started the job, which was the process of stacks of recertifications every day from everyone’s caseload until we got caught up. The task felt endless and lasted her about 3 – 4 months, which was a lot to handle & I know she felt like giving up. But she hung in there, not realizing her strength as an Occupancy Specialist. Her personality and honesty are a true blessing to be desired, and I admire her.”


Mr. Carandus Brown is intentionally recognizing and celebrating the accomplishment of staff & co-workers. Carandus’s teamwork, enthusiasm, and support of team & co-workers demonstrate the RHA Core Values, which is the  importance of the Screenwriter’s peertopeer recognition

Mr. Carandus Brown writes about Ms. Terry Miltion: 

“Terry has been committed to learning all aspects of her job to provide the best services possible to residents. She is at work every day in the morning at 7:15 am wanting to discuss the overview of her day”. 


We are excited to announce that Ms. Stephanie Penix, Maintenance Trainee/Driver, was the PEER-TO-PEER RECOGNITION PROGRAM winner for February 2022. Beginning with last month’s Peer-to-Peer winner, Nicole Bourbon, we will continue to introduce authors monthly of what each sees and feels about their peers. the ‘Scriptwriter’ of the Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program shares and demonstrates how

The ‘Scriptwriter’ of the Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program shares and demonstrates how The Director’s Spotlight nominee has improved our agency products, resident services, employee communication, and interpersonal skills. Stephanie’s Nomination of Ms. Marilyn Taylor, who she speaks of her ‘motivation and willingness to assist her residents are all traits that make her deserving of the Director’s Spotlight Award.’ Stephanie describes one of Marilyn’s many actions in this way.


“While in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Taylor received a call from a resident regarding a management issue.  During the call, Marilyn noticed that the resident continued coughing uncontrollably.  Understanding that the resident was experiencing difficulties with breathing, she kept the resident on the line while she immediately used another phone to call 911.  She remained on the line with the resident, attempting to keep him calm and catch his breath, until paramedics arrived.  He was then transported and admitted to the hospital for extensive treatment.  The resident and his family graciously thanked Marilyn for her caring act and stated that her actions were believed to be considered lifesaving.” 

Stephanie’s teamwork, enthusiasm, and support of her fellow employees is an example of the RHA Core Values and the importance of the ‘Scriptwriter’ for the February 2022, Peer-to-Peer Recognition.

She is able to see firsthand through a  peer-to-peer observation and opinion.  Stephanie visits each site daily and is often in service to our residents and is always there to lend a hand and brighten the day with her smile for her coworkers.

Through the RHA team members, we are all able to see The Director’s Spotlight, as our way of telling our stories of overcoming adversity with opportunity.

The words of Ms. Linda Dorsey-Tillman sum it up best, “Stephanie Penix is an all-around friendly individual that absolutely loves RHA and the staff here at RHA. She always goes over and above her job duties, and she likes to see things done right away, not waiting until the last minute. She is a great example of a dedicated, devoted, and committed employee.”


Congratulations to Ms. Nichole Bourbon! 

Nichole’s nomination for the January 2022, Director’s Spotlight is an example in whom we honor. She writes about her peer and colleague, Ms. Martha DeLuna, who joined the RHA Team just over six months ago, as the RHA Receptionist. “She has never declined to help any of her co-workers.  She has transformed the office with her organizational skills which is a crucial element to a successful business.  We [staff] can all find what we need in the office, and should we need to fill in at the receptionist area, we can do so with confidence.”

The Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program is significant because it comes from people who really know what their colleagues do, who know their peers for what they have accomplished. They want to let others know as well and appreciate outstanding work ethics.

To let others, know that colleagues appreciate them, to show respect, and caring is gratifying beyond words. Thank you, Nichole Bourbon, HCV Occupancy Specialist.