Housing Options

Image of an apartment building which has units that are rented out by Rockford Housing Authority in Rockford, IL

RHA Rental Properties

The Rockford Housing Authority provides assistance through a variety of housing options established by Congress and funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Public Housing provides assistance for low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities. In Rockford, this program includes a variety of housing options, including multi-family developments, high-rise towers and scattered site homes. The Rockford Housing Authority’s low-income public housing options program includes four family developments that consist of one-to-six bedroom apartments totaling 669 units. Also included are four high-rise towers, which house elderly residents and residents with disabilities. These apartments house approximately 1,000 families.

The Rockford Housing Authority has made a commitment to develop housing for persons with special needs. Under the low-income public housing programs, three developments were developed to accommodate persons with disabilities. Under a mixed-income platform, RHA recently complete the first phase of Jane’s Nobel Village* that includes 38 units of disabled supportive housing.

The Rockford Housing Authority also has a very active scattered site rental program that consists of single-family and duplex homes located throughout Rockford. The RHA owns and maintains 333 scattered site homes under the low income public housing program.

Photo of a house which is available through Rockford Housing Authority's home ownership program in Rockford, IL

Dreaming of owning a home?

Rockford Housing Authority’s Home Ownership Programs can help make your dreams a reality.

Owning a home has many benefits that renting does not. It is a permanent place to live and raise children, a real plan for the future, and an investment in your community.

Currently, the national home ownership rate is the highest rate ever. But many of you may not realize that home ownership is within your reach.

You will need education on dealing with your new financial responsibilities- like insurance, and real estate taxes, and information on how to maintain your property. This will require hard work and commitment, but the reward will be the freedom, security, and pride of owning your own home.

Let Rockford Housing Authority Programs help you reach this important milestone in your life.

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