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How to Apply

To apply for the Low Income Public Housing program:

  1. Submit An Application

Rockford Housing Authority accepts paper pre-application forms in person and by mail at the Centralized Applications Processing office, located on the first floor of our Central Office. The application is found at

If you need assistance applying for housing through our online portal, it is made available through our centralized Application Department located at 223 S. Winnebago St., Rockford, IL 61102.

Walk-ins are welcome on Fridays from 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm.

  1. Join the waiting list

After submitting an application you can join the waiting lists for Low Income Public housing locations. Some lists are short, while others are very long.

The amount of time you will spend on a waiting list depends on the demand for housing and waiting list preferences. You may see your waitlist status at

  1. Submit a full application when you reach the top of the waiting list

When your name comes to the top of the waiting list, the Admissions office will contact you by mail. You will be invited to a group interview, where you will meet with a staff member who will guide you through the full application process. They will collect documentation to confirm that you qualify for the Low Income Public Housing program.

  1. Have your application approved or denied

If you qualify, your application will be approved and you will be referred for placement in a unit in the Low Income Public Housing program. The approval is conditional until you lease a unit.

If you don’t qualify, your application will be conditionally denied. If that information is not sufficient, you may contest the denial by requesting a hearing.

Application Checklist

Do Not Wait to start gathering the items on the Checklist. You must have these documents at the time of your application interview.

Below is a list of items you must present at the formal intake interview appointment:

  • Any Income Verification
    • Welfare
    • Wages
    • Social Security and SSI
    • Unemployment Benefits
    • Veteran Income
    • Child Support
    • Retirement
    • Other income or assets
  • Photo ID for All Family Members 18 Years or Older
  • Birth Certificate for Everyone on the Application
  • Social Security Cards for Everyone on the Application
  • Marriage Verification – If Applicable
  • Divorce Verification – If Applicable
  • Current or Previous Landlord’s Name, Address and Phone number
  • Child Care Verification completed by the Care Giver
  • Savings/Checking Accounts – Most recent statements
  • Homeowners – Tax Bill for the last year

RHA Housing Development Offices: 


Office: Phone: Cell: Fax:
Blackhawk Courts 815-489-8600 815-509-9540 815-489-8605
Buckbee 815-489-8650 815-509-9576 815-378-6751
Fairgrounds Valley 815-489-8690 815-489-8695
Midvale 815-489-8650 815-509-9576 815-378-6751
North Main Manor 815-489-8670  815-509-8787 815-489-8675
Olesen Plaza 815-489-8680  815-509-8787 815-489-8685
Orton Keyes 815-489-8640  779-537-4997 815-226-5727
Park Terrace 815-489-8663 815-509-9576 815-378-6751
Scattered Sites 815-489-8608 608-751-6881
Summit 815-489-8650 815-509-9576 815-378-6751

8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, or one can be mailed to you by calling 815-489-8500.

Applicants may check the status of their Preliminary Application by contacting the manager at the site office where their application was completed – Monday through Friday,
8 AM and 5 PM. or by calling (815) 489-8593.

Income Limits

To determine if a family is income-eligible, the Rockford Housing Authority compares the annual income of the family to the applicable income limit for the family’s size.


Current Limits

Family Size (persons)
Low Income Limit
Very Low Income Limit
1 $35,650 $22,250
2 $40,700 $25,450
3 $45,800 $28,600
4 $50,900 $31,800
5 $54,950 $34,350
6 $59,050 $36,900
7 $63,100 $39,450
8 $67,200 $42,000