Partners of SEED

Current Federal SEED Partners


  • Energy Literacy information and resources
  • Better Buildings Challenge for multi-family housing
  • Energy career information
  • Promotes efforts in order to increase women and underserved communities in energy careers


  • Public Housing Spaces
  • Low-Income Residents
  • Support services through grants (e.g. Choice, ROSS)
  • Mission of using housing as a platform to improve residents’ quality of life (e.g. section 3)


  • Provides credentialing information
  • Provides info on STEM Learning Ecosystems
  • Connects with career and technical education providers
  • Supports facilitators with professional development


  • Provides capacity building resources to SEED Coalitions (e.g. AmeriCorps and VISTA members)
  • Supports STEM volunteer efforts in cities

Current National Partners


  • Commits to disseminate Energy Literacy materials to at least 100 Corps and 27, 000 Corpsmembers
  • Commits to disseminate HUD STEM Edcuation materials to at least 100 Corps and 27, 000 Corpsmembers
  • Commits to recruit at least 100 PHA youth


  • Commits to help build the STEM mentoring movement
  • Provides access for PHAs to STEM mentor matching portal
  • Commits up to 50% of the service time of a full-time VISTA staff member


  • Provide membership in K-12 Alliance for PHAs
  • Provide technical assistance to PHAs for applying to AspireIT Program


  • Providing 10 scholarships for SEED City youth
  • Manage a SEED logo challenge for students