STEM Education Opportunities

RHA partners with many great community agencies that provide STEM based educational opportunities.

Angelic Organics Learning Center

– Angelic Organics Learning Center helps urban and rural people build local food systems. We offer opportunities to learn agricultural and leadership skills, grow healthy food and a better quality of life, and connect with farmers and the land. We reach more than 5,000 people each year through our educational programs and urban growing sites in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

In addition to these great partnerships RHA offers unique resident engagements to assist in building job skills necessary to find employment in STEM related fields.

Roots and Wings program at Blackhawk Courts Complex

– Blackhawk Courts is home to an Urban Farm located at 338 15th Ave, Rockford, IL 60608. Youth are the leaders of Roots & Wings, with older youth teaching younger kids about farming and food. Youth Leaders market their produce through the summer. They learn job skills, attain public speaking experience, and earn money. Youth also work together on community-wide projects. Experienced youth leaders attend national and regional youth leadership and urban agriculture events, such as the Rooted in Community conference.

The Blackhawk Courts Farm and Garden is a project built from the dreams, ideas and hard work of Blackhawk Courts residents.

The produce in Blackhawk Courts Garden is available for community members to harvest for their own use.

Adults participate in cooking and nutrition classes, complete their community service hours, and bring their children to community events and field trips.

Blackhawk children become Youth Farmers. They learn and eat from the farm, and help plant, tend and harvest. Older youth can apply to our Youth Leaders program.

Blackhawk Courts Farm and Garden is a collaboration between residents of Blackhawk Courts, Angelic Organics Learning Center, Blackhawk Buddy House (a program of Zion Outreach), and the Rockford Housing Authority.

– See more at the Angelic Organics Learning Center.

– Please see an RHA Family Self-Sufficiency Specialist to arrange a career assessment referral to see if STEM careers meet your interest.

– RHA also added the “A” (Arts) to STEM to build STEAM opportunities. For Arts related platforms visit


RHA is working to expand additional STEM based learning opportunities and will gladly consider partnerships that bring additional opportunities to our children and families. Please contact for partnership opportunities.