A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

Carandus Brown

Carandus Brown

Human Services Manager

Carandus Brown is the Human Services Manager for Rockford Housing Authority. He has been in the Public Housing industry for several years as the Resident Support Specialist and the ROSS-Resident Program Case Manager. Carandus has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Human Services. He obtained his master’s degree in Human Services Administration in Counseling with the help of RHA’s Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Carandus was responsible for all resident programs under the ROSS program. Coordinating services to ensure that residents are successful by providing unique services such as digital empowerment, educational and financial literacy, health webinars, and employment services.

Carandus was born in Flint, MI, but considers Rockford to be his home. He is motivated, dedicated, and committed to serving the community’s needs and helping to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Carandus is a father of 6 (5 daughters and a son), a minister at Total Faith Community Church, a youth sports and life coach and a published author.