The Director’s Spotlight

Welcome to the Director’s Spotlight Recognition Program!

What is Director’s Spotlight?

The Director’s Spotlight is an important way for folks in the greater Rockford area to learn about all the amazing work the RHA Team members perform daily. This acknowledgment involves recognizing something at the core of every employee: Their passion, which is the foundation of our Core Values.

Why is Director’s Spotlight important?

The Rockford Housing Authority Leadership Team believes in the genuine values of our organization. These values touch everything we do on a daily work basis. They consist of Ten Core Values, which are fundamental to us. They are the cornerstone of the Rockford Housing Authority. We put them at the forefront of every plan, event and project we do, because we care about our employees, our residents, our strategic partners and the greater Rockford community.



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Mr. Robert Lojanica has been part of the Rockford Housing Authority team for more than four years.  During this short time, Robert has made a considerable and measurable impact on our agency.  Which is evident through his continued resourcefulness and dedication to his work, both of which benefits our staff, residents, and community.  “Simply put Robert is willing to step up to provide excellent customer service to our residents, co-workers, and vendors.”, states Chuck Doyle, Physical Asset and Quality Assurance Manager.

Robert routinely accepts assignments, some extremely challenging without complaint.  Mr. Lojanica has served our agency as an Inventory Specialist for our entire maintenance department; recently transitioning in the Quality Compliance Inspector for our HCV and LIPH departments. In this role, Robert preforms HQS inspections for HCV clients/landlords, and UPCS Inspections for our LIPH developments. Robert is the perfect detail-oriented type of person to successfully fulfill this role. In doing so, Robert is a critical partner to our compliance team, ensuring that all HCV properties are maintained and inspected in compliance with HUD regulation, and he assists our property management and maintenance teams prepare their properties for HUD inspection.

Always willing to accept special projects, Robert is distributing face coverings to all RHA residents ages two and above. As he always does, Robert has taken this task a step above, at delivery, Robert is performing a quick safety inspection and speaking with residents regarding any maintenance concerns and reporting any findings to the property management team.

Continuing, Chuck Doyle QAQAM states, “Robert’s work, dedication and initiative have demonstrated outstanding character and is deserving of the Director’s Spotlight Award for September 2020.  Robert upholds the vision, mission, and core values of our Agency.  Get to know him if you get a chance and I promise you will be glad that you did.”


We are proud to have Robert as a member of our team, and we look forward to his future at RHA.  Well done Robert!



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The winner of the Director’s Spotlight for August is Ms. Felice Woitynek!

Felice is a self-motivated, dedicated and extremely helpful employee.  She continually volunteers her time to assist our agency in resident programs and events, her dedication to our residents is unmatched.  She maintains accountability through her continued professionalism, attention to detail and reliability.  Felice is extremely supportive to her staff and peers and often is called upon to assist others and always gladly accepts.  She serves our agency with a friendly, helpful and cheerful manner.  “Felice is a leader at this agency in both work ethic and attitude as her integrity and compassion exist in every interaction. She personifies our core values and works each day intentionally to make RHA’s Vision and Mission a concrete reality. “

We are genuinely proud to have Felice as a member of our RHA Team!



Directors Spotlight Winner — Troy Hadie

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Troy is a self-motivated and enthusiastic  employee who holds himself accountable and instinctively recognizes the needs of our properties and clients and addresses those needs without hesitation. Throughout his 28-year career, Troy has served in several maintenance roles, but none more critical than that of the mentoring of our maintenance trainees.

Troy’s overall maintenance knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism, and leadership skills make him the perfect
coach and teacher to our maintenance team. Through his guidance, our maintenance team has been elevated to a level rarely matched by others, providing the best quality unit and customer service to our clients. We are proud to have Troy as a member of our team, and we look forward to his future at RHA.




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The winner for June Director’s Spotlight goes to Eunice Green! Eunice is a great asset to the RHA team, she is respectful, kind, and hardworking. Eunice is very dedicated to the Lifeforce Development Institute students along with all the residents she comes in contact with. She is always ready to help the next resident, student or co-worker that needs it. Ms. Green takes on any challenge and never complains. Eunice demonstrates all of the RHA core values and beliefs but really exemplifies being resourceful and caring about her job and the people involved. Congratulations to Ms. Eunice Green!




As the Physical Asset, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance Manager, Chuck Doyle wears several hats throughout each day. Although none more crucial than that of “Safety Manager.” Although this is an unofficial role, Chuck takes it upon himself to ensure all staff is equipped with the safety gear needed to provide comfort and peace of mind, while performing their duties. Always going out of his way to personally check on staff throughout the agency, and address any safety concerns someone may have. Since entering this pandemic, Chuck has continued to report to work daily to inspect properties, order safety equipment, and address all maintenance emergencies, tirelessly and without complaint.

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“Chuck demonstrates our vision, mission, and core values and resourcefulness by creating a safe working environment. Chuck is collaborative by being helpful to all departments and residents, which represents leadership. Chuck is always respectful to the contractors and staff and truly cares about assisting others in getting their job done. Chuck truly demonstrates professionalism at RHA.”

We are genuinely proud to have Chuck as a member of our team and are honored to call him a leader within our agency!

Thank you to Laura Martinez, Linda Dorsey-Tillman, and Bob Lowe for recognizing the great work and caring nature that Chuck Doyle brings to our team!



We are proud to announce our April 2020, Director’s Spotlight winner, Mr. Elias Soria!

Throughout his 20 + career at RHA as a Family Self-Sufficiency Specialist, Elias has always stepped outside of his responsibilities to lend a helping hand where needed, and he always does so with a “positive attitude and joking spirit.” The important role that Elias plays in RHA’s team is assisting each person in FSS with a plan that helps them reach their goals for the next five years.

He has helped many individuals throughout his time with RHA and continues to do so even working remotely. Knowing that his team is currently facing material and capacity challenges to safely provide essential services to our most vulnerable populations, our children, and our elderly, Elias is quick to joke or utter a quick poem to lift the spirits of his coworkers and the RHA residents. Elias has hopes to introduce “an open mic contest with inspiring residents who love to write as a motivational outlet in their lives”.

His continued dedication to the well-being and financial security of our residents, his passion toward his job, and his devotion to his RHA family, demonstrates our Vision, Mission, and Core Values in a manner that is unparalleled.

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First Award presented to Linda Dorsey-Tillman, Procurement, Contracts and Section 3 Compliance Manager for March 2020.

When the COVID-19 directive by Gov. Pritzker was announced for social distancing, Linda, in a 48-hour time period, deployed 20 laptops for use by RHA staff members to work from home. This included wiping the computers clean, loading all necessary software and enabling the computers to allow staff to continue their daily duties, while staying home. She also configured work related cell phones, many with hotspots, for employees who had previously not been issued an RHA phone, with hotspots needed by those who did not have internet service at home. Linda was awarded $100.00 for her outstanding efforts during this unprecedented time and given a Door Dash gift certificate for lunch since

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attending lunch at restaurants currently is unavailable. We are so very proud of Linda and her service to RHA to allow us to maintain the level of service that we do, and imparting her commitment to our core values.

This video is a testimonial to Linda for the contributions and achievements she has made to not only RHA but the community as well. While helping the RHA team she also helped the community in making sure that RHA staff were capable of working from home and available to residents who rely on them. Please check out the video and more information on the RHA Directors Spotlight page here:

What we believe:

The values and guiding attributes we follow are based on our mission and vision of the organization. A quality home is the foundation of society & community: quality home life is the foundation to provide hope and the pathway to our goals. Responsible and respectful people deserve the opportunity to contribute to attaining a comfortable quality home and neighborhood all can take pride in.

We believe, through our most important asset, the RHA Staff that:

RHA is moving toward and becoming a leader in housing and sustainable communities by developing additional, non-HUD revenue streams, increasing our asset base and offering state of the art resident initiatives. The Rockford Housing Authority Leadership Team will continuously acknowledge and recognize the important contributions that individuals have added to the success of the organization through Caring.

Caring, as part of the RHA corporate culture, is a practice for creating conditions that bring out the best in people and situations. It is a method that helps people respond to circumstances in ways that create results that improve one’s quality of life.

A Highlight of Two RHA Core Values

One of the ten core values that RHA believes in is that “professional duty” is providing effective services to residents and clients, serving the community and positively influencing the well being of society.

The “social professional responsibility” is the promotion of a mutual trust between the community residents and the larger public that necessitates responding to societal needs. Professional Perspectives:

1. Approachable

2. Trustworthy

3. Supportive

4. Respectful

5. Accountable

We lead with an emphasis on our expertise and experience.

We remain accountable through managing expectations, control, communication and collaboration.

We remain consistent by dedicating ourselves to dependably providing housing to our residents.

We care through creating conditions that bring out the best in people and situations.

We employ our resourcefulness by attacking problems with unique and innovative solutions.

We show our quality through ensuring our programs and projects both serve their purpose and fulfill the needs of the user.

We prove our professionalism by providing effective services to residents and clients that positively influence the well being of society.

We respect our employees, residents and the Rockford community by continually demonstrating our admiration for them and their various pursuits.

Lastly, we collaborate by working as a team to find the best solutions and ideas to complete the task at hand.



The Director’s Spotlight is an opportunity to create a method for documenting and sharing employee recognition and praise. Through the evaluation of the RHA Leadership Team, we encourage employees to recognize each other spontaneously and organically.

The Director’s Spotlight is a way to celebrate success and show appreciation
for our teammates’ contributions.

*Please note that, only current RHA Employees may submit nominations.