The Director’s Spotlight

Welcome to the Director’s Spotlight Recognition Program!

What is Director’s Spotlight?

The Director’s Spotlight is an important way for folks in the greater Rockford area to learn about all the amazing work the RHA Team members perform daily. This acknowledgment involves recognizing something at the core of every employee: Their passion, which is the foundation of our Core Values.

Why is Director’s Spotlight important?

The Rockford Housing Authority Leadership Team believes in the genuine values of our organization. These values touch everything we do on a daily work basis. They consist of Ten Core Values, which are fundamental to us. They are the cornerstone of the Rockford Housing Authority. We put them at the forefront of every plan, event and project we do, because we care about our employees, our residents, our strategic partners and the greater Rockford community.

What we believe:

The values and guiding attributes we follow are based on our mission and vision of the organization. A quality home is the foundation of society & community: quality home life is the foundation to provide hope and the pathway to our goals. Responsible and respectful people deserve the opportunity to contribute to attaining a comfortable quality home and neighborhood all can take pride in.

We believe, through our most important asset, the RHA Staff that:

RHA is moving toward and becoming a leader in housing and sustainable communities by developing additional, non-HUD revenue streams, increasing our asset base and offering state of the art resident initiatives. The Rockford Housing Authority Leadership Team will continuously acknowledge and recognize the important contributions that individuals have added to the success of the organization through Caring.

Caring, as part of the RHA corporate culture, is a practice for creating conditions that bring out the best in people and situations. It is a method that helps people respond to circumstances in ways that create results that improve one’s quality of life.

A Highlight of Two RHA Core Values

One of the ten core values that RHA believes in is that “professional duty” is providing effective services to residents and clients, serving the community and positively influencing the well being of society.

The “social professional responsibility” is the promotion of a mutual trust between the community residents and the larger public that necessitates responding to societal needs. Professional Perspectives:

1. Approachable

2. Trustworthy

3. Supportive

4. Respectful

5. Accountable

We lead with an emphasis on our expertise and experience.

We remain accountable through managing expectations, control, communication and collaboration.

We remain consistent by dedicating ourselves to dependably providing housing to our residents.

We care through creating conditions that bring out the best in people and situations.

We employ our resourcefulness by attacking problems with unique and innovative solutions.

We show our quality through ensuring our programs and projects both serve their purpose and fulfill the needs of the user.

We prove our professionalism by providing effective services to residents and clients that positively influence the well being of society.

We respect our employees, residents and the Rockford community by continually demonstrating our admiration for them and their various pursuits.

Lastly, we collaborate by working as a team to find the best solutions and ideas to complete the task at hand.



The Director’s Spotlight is an opportunity to create a method for documenting and sharing employee recognition and praise. Through the evaluation of the RHA Leadership Team, we encourage employees to recognize each other spontaneously and organically.

The Director’s Spotlight is a way to celebrate success and show appreciation
for our teammates’ contributions.

*Please note that, only current RHA Employees may submit nominations.