A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community



These groups of dedicated personnel who are on the frontline in our community continue to work every day to support each of us. Individually and as a group, they continue to work tirelessly. During this unprecedented time, The Rockford Housing Authority’s leadership team wants to show our appreciation, awe, and gratitude to not only the dedicated RHA Frontline Staff, Our Rockford Police Team, and the RHA community partners who support resident food deliveries but to all the amazing community healthcare workers, essential first responders, police officers, firemen, and paramedics.


There is also another group in our community who are putting their lives at risk amid the pandemic. These are sometimes considered the silent heroes of our daily life. While the list may be seemingly long and far from complete, they are our grocery store checkers, pharmacists, janitors, maintenance staff, cleaning teams, garbage disposal workers, grocery associates, postal workers, and delivery drivers to name a few.

They are a new group of community first responders who must continue to do their jobs because they are considered our “essential workers.” And indeed, they are just that. These workers face a plethora of challenges each and every day.

In conjunction with our first responders, we appreciate you all. For not only the dedicated hard work that you have done in the past but even more so now, during these very confusing times. You are indeed our silent “hometown heroes” for the work you continue to do to keep our daily lives moving forward in unprecedented times. You are playing a vital role in the success and outcome of this invisible enemy at large, in our community. This daily war you wage is not just about your job descriptions and title anymore, it’s about what you do, and the vital importance of what you are doing. You are there for our parents, our children and our friends.


The strength and courage that it continuously takes to do these jobs regularly, during a crisis like this, is beyond incredible. These individuals are working right in the middle of this calamity to ensure that we, the people of the community and the nation as a whole, are safe and have the necessities we need. We recognize your bravery.

From our grocery store heroes who are working to ensure where we must go, is safe and clean, restocking our needed supplies, to making sure our communities’ necessities arrive on time, you are truly the new backbones of our community.

We would like everyone to take a moment with us here at the Rockford Housing Authority and thank our silent heroes, the people on the frontlines of this crisis, and make them visible too. We see you, and we appreciate you.


Take a moment and watch this Tribute Video, composed with all the essential workers and community first responders. Please consider sharing with friends, family, and anyone you may know that is working right in the middle of this invisible enemy. This is a homage to you and your hard work in our community, “hometown heroes.”

This filmed presentation is a way to demonstrate and send a video love letter to all these frontline workers. Their help to others has helped us all. It is also a way to let them know we, too, are by their side. Let us altogether give back to those who help make our community a better place to live.

Our thoughts are with those who have lost a family member or a friend. As a community, this has been a bewildering path we have been on. We once again are reminded that, in front of adversity, there is much power in hope and faith and that the fate of us all lies in all our hands. We are only as strong as our weakest members because together we can, together we will.


Thank you!
The Leadership Team & Staff of the
Rockford Housing Authority