A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

Quality Affordable Housing as a Platform for Opportunity

Forging a Path to Opportunity through a Healthy Homes Approach

Over the past several months through the Strategic Plan, RHA has forged ahead with its very focused efforts to replace and/or rebuild antiquated public housing units. Through the rental assistance demonstration (RAD) program, RHA is transferring nearly 700 units of public family housing to Bridge Rockford Alliance, under a public-private partnership, for redevelopment. This transformation is producing healthy homes of opportunity.

The final construction and implementation of the Grove at Keith Creek continues on the 49 units of affordable housing poised to provide equitable access to new opportunities for residents of Fairgrounds Valley. The new location will feature two- and three-bedroom ranch and two-story homes. The Grove at Keith Creek exemplifies RHA’s and Bridge Rockford Alliance’s commitments to social justice, equity, energy efficiency and high quality affordable housing that serves our community residents as an opportunity for greater quality of life. Rockford Housing Authority tenant’s currently living in two- and three-bedroom units who want to move during Phase I have entered into a lottery. The prospective residences started touring the units at the Grove in preparation of the move.

The benefits of quality affordable housing are many. Not only does affordable housing change the lives of its residents, the benefits are passed along to the community in significant ways. Affordable Housing as a Platform for Opportunity provides rental assistance for families who can redirect income to education, medical and health care and other household expenses.

According to multiple studies in cities throughout the country, quality affordable housing provides far more than a social or physical benefit to those who live in safe, clean and affordable housing. To learn more about the Benefits of Affordable Housing: https://rockfordha.org/2016/08/01/benefits-affordable-housing/