A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community


A new solar energy program established for RHA residents, and the Rockford area community residents. These are individuals who have low and moderate incomes. You have the ability to save hundreds of dollars a year on electricity bills. You can get the benefits of solar and earn credits on your energy bill at the same time. By subscribing to the community solar project such as this. The solar farm is located at 1166 N. Horsman St., in Rockford. ComEd will pay for the community solar credits on behalf of customers and manage the identification and enrollment of subscribers to the project. Rockford Housing Authority and other local support organizations are helping to locate potential participants. Eligibility requirements and other details of the program are available at ComEd.com/GiveARay.

The following is the requirements for eligibility

  • Must have an active ComEd account
  • Live in the Winnebago and Ogle communities
  • At or below 80% area median income
  • Not an active participant in the following programs:
    • Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)
    • Supplemental Arrearage Reduction Program (SARP)
  • Have a past due balance at the time of subscription enrollment

How it Works

The energy generated by Solar Farm flows to the smart grid and becomes part of the overall energy supply. ComEd then delivers energy through the smart grid to homes and businesses.

Rockford community solar farm will add more solar energy to the local grid when it begins operation in fall 2021. The farm will feature more than 6,600 solar panels with 2.6 megawatts of solar generation capacity. Nexamp, a community solar developer, is partnering with ComEd and the program is called ComEd.com/GiveARay.

Please Visit Here to Learn More or enroll today: https://www.comed.com/SmartEnergy/MyGreenPowerConnection/Pages/GiveARay2.aspx