A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

RHA Reverting To Phase 1 Effective Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

RHA Reverting To Phase 1 Effective Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Due to recent outbreaks within our community and in Region 1, we need to revert back to all exempt staff working 100% remote. This will include all staff, community, and public meetings being held virtually. During this crisis, all management team members will work remotely from their homes. Frontline property management staff will work a 50/50 schedule, to ensure that our development offices are staffed. Our maintenance team will focus on vacant unit turns, outdoor work, and respond to emergency maintenance concerns.

However,  we will ensure that the entire RHA Team remains accessible to meet the needs of our residents, contractors, and the community. We will continue to update you, and we encourage you to use all available resources to stay well. The measures we take now will help us to serve you, our residents, and the Rockford community.

For Administrative needs, you may phone 815-489-8500. 

During this unprecedented time, the Rockford Housing Authority executive team has taken proactive steps to ensure our employees, clients, and community’s safety. To keep our RHA staff safe, the RHA Leadership Team has instituted numerous protocols that are in place that align with all government regulations aimed at limiting the spread of disease and sickness.

We have educated our employees on Covid19 and the best practices for preventing infection, including frequent hand washing accompanied by social distancing. RHA has ongoing sanitized services at all RHA locations regularly. We have provided access to soap, masks, and available hand- sanitizers at all times for our residents and RHA staff.

During these uncertain times, the RHA Leadership will continue to be diligent in our residents’ services and care for their wellbeing. These are undoubtedly uncharted waters for us all. Our continued hope is for you to remain healthy and safe. Your support through these difficult times is heartfelt. Please stay safe, stay healthy as we all move forward to normalcy.


 Please follow the link HERE https://rockfordha.org/covid-19-resources/