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A quality home is the foundation of society & community



Rockford Housing Authority's Unforgettable Spirit Week 2023

In the heart of Rockford, a city known for its vibrant community spirit, the Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) orchestrated a week that would etch itself into the memory of its employees. From August 28th to September 1st, the Spirit Week of 2023 unfolded as a testament to unity, team-building, and a celebration of the RHA family.

The RHA office buzzed with a palpable energy as employees from different departments mingled, united by the common purpose of fostering stronger bonds and nurturing the sense of belonging that RHA prided itself on. The atmosphere was a perfect reflection of the city it inhabited – dynamic, welcoming, and ready to embrace new experiences. Reflecting on the week’s events, Laura Snyder, CEO of Rockford Housing Authority states “Empowerment is at the heart of what we do. As we chart the course for RHA’s future, my vision is to empower both our employees and the communities we serve, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond our walls.”

Day 1 – Goal Setting:

 “At RHA, we recognize that a strong sense of community within our organization drives our success. Spirit Week isn’t just an event; it’s a manifestation of our commitment to fostering unity and camaraderie among our team members. It’s a time to celebrate our shared purpose and create memories that fuel our collective journey, “declares Laura. “Spirit Week” kicked off with a burst of enthusiasm. Teams assembled, each armed with a shared commitment to reaching new heights. In sessions focused on goal setting, employees were encouraged to articulate personal and professional aspirations.

Day 2 – Networking Extravaganza:

The second day emerged as a networking extravaganza. Within the walls of the RHA, employees rubbed shoulders with colleagues they hadn’t crossed paths with before. It was a day of realizations – discovering common interests, shared goals, and forming connections that transcended cubicles and departments. The RHA, true to its name, became a housing of relationships, built on the foundation of this shared experience. “Efficiency and compassion go hand in hand. As the COO of RHA, I’m dedicated to streamlining our operations while never losing sight of the people we serve and the impact we make in their lives,” Odessa Walker.


Day 3 – Uniting Through Play:

“Empowerment is at the heart of what we do. As we chart the course for RHA’s future, my vision is to empower both our employees and the communities we serve, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond our walls, commends Laura. “As the week progressed, the RHA employees unleashed their playful sides. Team-building games, curated to nurture cooperation and camaraderie, took center stage. Laughter echoed through the corridors as teams raced against the clock, solving puzzles, and navigating challenges.

These activities fostered a sense of unity that extended beyond the games, binding coworkers as allies on both professional and personal fronts. Empowered employees are catalysts for transformative change. “Spirit Week aligns perfectly with our operational strategies by empowering our teams to connect their work with a larger purpose. Through the bonds formed during this week, we fortify our ability to innovate, collaborate, and deliver meaningful outcomes,” adds Odessa.

Day 4 – The Essence of Community:

The heartbeat of Spirit Week reverberated through the community. As RHA ventured beyond its walls, an air of anticipation grew thicker. The city itself became a canvas for the RHA Scavenger Hunt, an event that would weave the RHA family into the fabric of Rockford. Local businesses and agencies embraced the opportunity to be part of this adventure, each clue a bridge connecting RHA employees with the heartbeat of the city. “The impact of Spirit Week extends far beyond its duration. It’s a catalyst for fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusion. By valuing this week, we showcase our commitment to building bridges that span across departments, creating an environment where every individual feels valued and heard,” reflecting on day four, states Odessa.

Day 5 – The Grand Finale:

“Day five created and fostered an environment where our staff can network, set goals, and engage in team-building activities, these experiences have rippled outward, creating a positive impact on our residents and the broader community,” states Laura. September 1st saw the RHA City-Wide Scavenger Hunt unfold, a day of exploration, excitement, and enchantment. From 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, RHA employees scoured the city, encountering clues that led them to unexpected destinations. The hunt transcended its purpose, becoming a conduit for relationships, community engagement, and an enduring bond between RHA and the Rockford landscape.

“As we look toward the future of RHA, Spirit Week serves as a powerful reminder of our collective strength. It’s not just about activities; it’s about weaving connections that endure. By participating in Spirit Week, we not only celebrate our organization’s identity but also amplify the impact we have on the lives we touch,” concludes Laura.  And so, the curtains fell on the Spirit Week of 2023, leaving behind a trail of laughter, newfound connections, and a sense of unity. “Innovation is our compass for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of community development. At RHA, I’m driven to explore new horizons, ensuring our strategies reflect the dynamic needs of our residents and partners,” concludes Odessa.

The event had been more than just activities; it had been a reminder of the strength of togetherness, the power of shared goals, and the beauty of a community united in purpose. As RHA employees returned to their daily routines, they carried with them the memories and lessons of Spirit Week – an unforgettable chapter in the ever-evolving story of the Rockford Housing Authority.