A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

Public Hearing – 5-Year Strategic Plan for Review

Public Hearing – MTW Supplemental Plan for Review


The Rockford Housing Authority will host a in person and virtual public hearing on Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 3:00 p.m. to receive public comment on the RHA MTW Supplement Plan. The purpose of this hearing is to allow residents, landlords, program participants, agency partners, supportive service providers and the general public an opportunity to comment on the Authority’s MTW Supplement Plan prior to submission to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The MTW Supplement Plan identifies the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program waivers that the RHA will implement to incentivize landlord participation in the program, improve program performance, and enhance cost efficiencies. 

The Plan is available in the button below. A hard copy of the plan is available at RHA’s central office, located at 223 South Winnebago Street, Rockford, IL 61102.  Request for written copy can be made to evore@rockfordha.org or by written request to RHA Chief Executive Officer, Laura Snyder, at the below address. 

Time: Thursday, October 27, at 3:00 PM Central Time

In Person Location: 223 South Winnebago Street, Rockford, IL 61102

The virtual public hearing can be attended via teleconference by logging into Zoom in the following manner:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Dial by your location
1 (346) 248-7799 US | Meeting ID: 893 4633 4111; | Passcode: 988097

The public has the additional opportunity to express their concerns and comments in writing.  Written comments must be received no later than Monday November 3, 2022, by email to: evore@rockfordha.org with the subject “MTW Supplement Plan”, or the United State Postal Service to the following address:

Laura Snyder, Chief Executive Officer
RE: MTW Supplement Plan
Rockford Housing Authority
223 South Winnebago Street
Rockford, IL 61102

Links & Resources

2022 – RHA Payment Standards
0 BR1 BR2 BR3 BR4 BR5 BR6 BR7 BR8 BR9 BR10 BR
RHA Payment Standard$611$699$920$1,254$1,335$1,536$1,736$1,936$2,136 $2,338$2,538
As % of FMR110.00%110.00%110.00%110.00%110.00%110.00%110.00%110.00%110.00%110.00%110.00%

Volunteering and Heath Awareness

Help local communities stay drug free!

Addiction Resources

American Society of Addiction Medicine

High School Equivalency (GED) Enrollment Sessions

Choice Neighborhoods

The references below are an instrumental part of the comprehensive Choice Neighborhoods Plan that will focus on directing resources to address three core goals: Neighborhood, Housing, and People.

  • Fairgrounds Valley/ Ellis Heights Planning PDF
  • Regional Connections: Transform Rockford and Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning
  • Neighborhood: Grocery Store Study
  • Housing: RHA De-Concentration Study, Ellis Heights and Fairgrounds Valley Housing Market Analysis, & Rockford Housing Market Analysis
  • People: Rockford Public Schools Facilities Plan
  • RMAP/Vital Signs Sustainable Development Plan
  • Regional Analysis to the Impediments to Fair Housing and Fair Housing Equity Assessment