Jane Addam’s Park Apartments

Jane Addams Park Apartments is a 38 unit supportive housing development serving elderly and disabled residents.  The development is located on the grounds of Rockford Female Seminary (now Rockford University) in which Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams was a graduate.  The main building anchors the roundabout at College and Seminary bringing stability and complimentary design to the Morgan Street Bridge.  This building, which includes community space and 22 residential units, was designed to give the appearance of store fronts and the large windows provide natural light to the gathering spaces within.  The interior space includes a large community room with serving kitchen, a computer lab, an exercise room, and the Anderson Library, named after longtime Director and housing advocate, Steve Anderson. This building also has three private offices offering space for social service agencies and other partners providing service to our residents.

The remaining 16 units are located in duplex and four-plex buildings along College Avenue and South 3rd Street.  These buildings are designed to look like large Victorian homes in the neighborhood.  With attention to detail and high quality construction, the Jane Addams Park Apartments has set the bar for all future developments and  has helped restore the neighborhood providing a sense of belonging and pride in the community to the residents who live there.